Monday, January 31, 2005


Dido scared me with her songs "Do you have a little time". So I started paying more attention to the good things in life because I don't want to be reminded of all the "good things" I have missed.
One good thing was certainly good that I met on the 11th of the land of far far away.
Now I call Juliet at odd times I usually spent in synchronized coding, sometimes I wake her but she doesn't mind and for the first time in a long time I hummed one of Bob Marley's greatest "Is this love that I'm feeling?"
Haha, crazy dude is feeling like Romeo now, I'll do crazy things for love u know and I kinda enjoy what I feel like after calling her. Today she is staying up late to read for a paper in the morning, working and studying is a clumsy combination but "ma Juliet" will survive; Among other things I wish her success and love. I've set a reminder on my Outlook to alert me at 1 O'Clock a.m. when I'll wake her to study some more. This is an erstwhile domant side of me that ladies will applaud and guys like former me will scorn, but then, time changes you know.
Hey!, anybody knows where Ol' man Shakespear is buried, I need some tutorials.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Black Cops and recapitalization

Cops in Nigerian wear a black uniform and they've given people reasons to believe they are equally black on the inside.
Two days ago, the Inspector general of police resigned his position, nobody of course resigns in Nogeria from a money spinning political position unless you've been directed to do so and Tafa Balogun is no exception. It was reported in the national dailies that he must have resigned as a result of lodgements of large sums in certain Nigerian banks, largest among this is a whooping 7.5Bn Naira, this brings us back to the title.
Now the CBN recently directed banks to recapitalize to the tune of 25Bn Naira in 2005. My weak mathematics infers each bank requires a fraction less than four Nigerian IGs to meet there targets. Its ackward our government goes around begging for debt forgiveness.
As to the question of how he made so much, well the Nigerian police force mount the largest numbers of toll gates in modern and ancient history and its now evident why nothing had been hitherto done about the situation. And did you see the size of Tafa's belly, things like that are allowed only on this side of the globe.