Sunday, August 07, 2005

A prayer request

I heard a prayer request from the NASFAT (A muslim body) next to my apartment today. A sister has a christian lover and is ready to convert to christianity for his sake. The prayer request was for Allah to give him a change of heart, probably he could turn to Islam.
I smiled. People that loves deeply prays. I said a prayer for the one I love.

Monday, August 01, 2005

EMR is going live tomorrow

We've been working on an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution codenamed "Belagio" for a little over a year now and its sudden shock when Dan announced it was going live soon.
Anyway, its mixed blessing because its something that have taken over 75% of my processor for some time now. Finally I can retire from splashers...can't I?
Please, please understand if you are reading my blog, I have been waiting for EMR to get to version 1.0. I will get married soon and I won't be able to keep the pace :)

The codename I guess is Bunmi's idea. A medical record solution named after gamblers' love. Interesting. Hey offence meant o.

Withdrawal Symptons

Yes, I have been loved in the last two weeks.
With "Dem" around, we had food and fun in surplus. I kept on warning Dapo about the after-effects...greying of hair, nausea hehe, nahhhhh. Its none of those. It just going to be loneliness and bad food.
Yesterday I slept in the office because there was no use going homne. I was going to be too lonely so I decided to work on EMR on a Sunday. Stan was there too so it was better than having Perl (a female Rotweiler named after a programming language) for company.
Today will be a second terrible night for a chronic bachelor, and to imagine we thot this was normal lifestyle, damn. You never really know what you are missing till you get there.