Friday, July 27, 2007

Ignore My Photo Post

This is how I can get Janice to show up beside my name.

Africa Outsourcing

I just read this post, thanks to a referal from Oluwatosin of Ngdevelopers (
Its good to know some guys out there appreciates Africa still, well the guy is African though. His belief is a vision I share. I got thoughts running wild about how we could get some guys like this to speak at kodearena or subsequent events. The guy did say he is a capitalist/social entrepreneur and I do hope he can use the later for our course :).
Back to the outsourcing thingy, he did leave out a couple of important factors though. Probably because he does not experience these things, remember he lives in DC Metro area. Power is still a major issue in Nigeria and I'm sure Nigeria is a major part of his prophesy judging by our number alone. New kidnapping trends in the Niger Delta is giving us yet a more innocent face you'll say. The roads are still bad after Objs 8 years and the educational sector sucks. The 419 stigma is still there and a google search for Nigeria is not encouraging at all.
There is hope though. I'm suddenly feeling more private sector effects in our everyday life and some more Nigerians are getting statemanly.
Veering off I do like the new president of Nigeria, Yar'Adua. If I say I still like the guy in another 4 years then I'm sure Nigeria will be a swell place then.