Friday, May 27, 2005

Sane Developers

Stan and Ope ook turns at the air conditioning system today; sticking their heads into the vents. Hehe, guys are really wacked in this environments, even Demola is struggling to keep his cool.
I remember Sadiq coming out of the "Mad room" before we left for the new office, taking a few strides back and kicking at a metal door. There goes the last supposedly sane developer!
As for Seun, haba, forget o. Even his babe noticed he has changed a lot since joining splashers technologies. Essien, Dapo, Ope, kai my guy, he don tey, when all this ones do stray. I can't help but feel really endangered.
Along comes Tolumi to the rescue, his mum is chief something at Nuero-Sychiatric hospital popularly called "Aro" in the neighborhood.
Tolumi, abeg o, you are the last hope these guys have.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dapo is on vacation

But he won't stay put on vacation. When he is not calling the office, he online chatting or sending emails, geek :). And you will complain if you get called back to fix some codes or were not gven the break at all.
You see, the geekify process is gradual, you become a part of your work and your work does the same.
As for me and my house, I won't leave for my vacation with a laptop and will go to some elite enclaves in Kenya. I'm still saving for the vacation thats probably why I'm still coding.

UEFA never fails

3 first half goals and everybody gave it to AC Milan. hehe, wonderful Liverpool won on penalty shootout.
Essien, don't blaim me for shouting "things happen".