Saturday, July 18, 2009

My team, this time Ope Adeoye, Akosa Onyebuchi, Ademola Adedeji and Kehinde Adewusi :) have been working on project x. It's not secret and
It will end up being the replacement for, hopefully we don't get to change name before it goes live.

Things to expect from www2?
  • Live chat with a few dedicated chat agent
  • Self service for our customers. Subscribers will be able to register with their mobile phones. Registered subscribers will be able to log calls which was previously available only through 111. Sim swap requests, illegible cards etc.
  • Interesting search. Product information will of course be available online.
  • Electronic bills
  • Yellow pages and a host of other features.
To catch an early preview, visit The current site is still available while www2 is being perfected into a v1 compliant website.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Zain Strikes

Yesterday we lost weight at Zain by about 300 employees, now ex. Last week, about 450 were transferred to ITS "So that anything that is not core to the business can be outsourced".

We've been expecting something like this for the past four months but the reality left a lugubrious cloud hanging overhead yesterday. Marketing, Finance, Service Desk appears to be among those affected.

More info soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zain Millionaire Promo

We've had a lot to do this year despite the fact that the world is experiencing modern day farmine otherwise known as economic recession. Anyway, So much for farmine, Zain is going to make some millionaires come February 14.

That is what the application we've (I, Ope Adeoye, Seyi Sodiya and Akosa) been building looks like. Ope has beautifully crafted the site in 3.5 mvc framework (what's that?), Akosa, now fondly called Zain Presentation foundation came up with that UI while I and Seyi did the bulk of the database programming and testing.
Ha! those thieves are out again to give money to their loved ones!
You don't get it do you? Promos are either done transparently around here or not at all. The data goes through 3 layers of integrity check before it's rolled out to the press. Zain revenue assurance unit starts the process of pulling the usage data from call data. The data is double checked by prepaid and post paid billing units before it's rolled out.
At rolling out, TC-QA or other external verification outfits are invited for quality and integrity checks among others. On the days of the draws, pressmen are invited to witness the drawing process and "men of the IRS", yes, that is what I like to call our internal audit are unleashed on poor "us" the whole time. I think they get promoted by the number of discrepancies they catch or what it their motivation?
Well, you get fired if anything goes wrong (I think?) and I don't think Festus Kiyamo will defend a scumbag :). By the way, I hear balls shrink when that dude writes organizations, you might want to try him out. The last time he (Festus) was on air he was yabbing the Nigerian police for parading a got as an armed robbery suspect. The robber it appeared magically turned into a goat to avoid arrest.
Back to Zain Naija talk your way to millions, to qualify: you need to have recharged up to N700 for the regular users and for postpaid folks, you must have used N700 worth of airtime. Naturally, the more you use the higher your chances of winning.
Zain will make 25 millionaires in 4 weeks and 100 people will go home with N100, 000 cash prizes.
Think the Naira is worthless, wait till people start winning and you will see the numbers of entries soar! Today we generated about 114, 000 tickets. I'll let you know when the figures climb.