Saturday, January 21, 2012

EMBA 17: PAN African University, Lagos Business School

Yesterday (A few hours ago) marked my 1st day at LBS and the common threat is "You just sold your soul  for 2 years". It is estimated every participant will dedicate at least 18 hours a week (oh yes, besides the time spent attending lectures) to consuming and dissecting case study materials. If I though I had my hands full it just became an understatement. Attendance and class participation takes about 30% of every course grade, meaning introverts are about to loose their talents for keeping to themselves. Friday classes are usually from 12noon while Saturday classes are from 9am till 3pm so imagine all the wedding ceremonies and birthday parties missed! It was said of a guy whose wife parked all his course materials and set them ablaze.
EMBA 17 Class of 2012, about 70 man strong

I've decided to make this a very practical year:, even more practical than the case study method adopted here. Apply whatever I learn using Evince Systems as guinea pig. My hope is to make the period more tolerable doing this but today is just day 2 and I'm already running late reviewing pre-course materials for Analysis of Business Problems.

Yesterday we had a tour of the facilities and it was slightly amazing what the eyes could see in a building I had hitherto considered tiny: a library, a rather large amphi-teatre and a number of lecture halls and facilities some donated by the big names in telecommunications and conglomerates in Nigeria  Oh Yes I see a nice looking football pitch so I won't miss mobile FC at Unilag that much and not too far from this is a bar to replace the lost calories. Friday 20th will linger in my memories for a while.

The football pitch, beyond the last fence.

Impressive amphitheater, knitted somewhere in the building

I won't be the only one not forgetting Friday 20th January 2012 for a while, this day, Eneche Akogwu was shot dead in Kano. Eneche, a Channels TV correspondent was interviewing eye witnesses in Kano after a series of coordinated bombings. It was reported one of them drew a gun and shot him dead.
The bombings had since been claimed by the radical Islamic sect Boko-Haram. This bombing has been reported the most lethal till date with more than 100 people reported dead.

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