Sunday, December 17, 2006

Closer and Closer

I noticed I've been in high spirit throughout this week; Francis Ibikunle mentioned how he stumbled on KodeArena 2006 from a google search. He would like to be one of the sponsors of KodeArena Reloaded.
Francis gave me Mr. Toyin Ogunseinde's contact, he turned out to be a truly interesting person. I'm sure he must be a very busy man but out of his Omatek hours he managed to reply my mail twice in 2 days. He thinks he will have a booth for KodeArena at his next ICT show in Lagos sometimes in April and he intends to help with sponsorship. He adds he will use the about 3500 email addresses of who is in Nigerian ICT to our benefit, great!.
See why it feels like Christmas in May? Hehe, its actually Xmas around the corner.

Monday, December 11, 2006

No Anticlimax!

The code jam has dominated our talks for several weeks, even now that its over. It feels so fulfilling given the challenges we faced: Delayed pay-packets, a 6 week plan, the politicians who nearly seized our first day, the participants (mostly students) who showed up without laptops (we should have known that, those are expensive in Nigeria right?), the car I damaged the second day, the support we got anf the ones we didn't.
Even though we're still so broke as I type but we're presenting the cheque tomorrow after announcing a winner today. The spirit is just so great. We take walks around talking about KodeArena 2007 which we already dubbed "KodeArena reloaded". We already have plans to archive the current site as will always host the most current version. KodeArena will be registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organization and we foresee a first prize of no less that N100,000 for the next edition mid 2007.
And the comraderie is great! People looking at our Sponsors page believe its sponsored by multinationals. Krapt software is another name for Bayo Opadeyi, Conquest creative aka Tunde Famakinwa, Kradlepoint aka Bode, Stan Madueke, Gbenga Faniyi and me decided to keep our faces bland :D, its a case of putting a company on the face and not the reverse :). Yea, Parkway project gave money and expertise, Leapsoft's Essien was the toast of day 2, Softcraft's Dapo made the code session rock, Diran gave good company and made the wireless network possinle, Pat made sure we had food in our tommies, Ope, Remi ... and no one left early, it was as if these thing has been long delayed.
Now I know people are intrisically "good". Everyone seems to have a plan to make things better in a little way. The guys on who didn't come showed great love and those who did come made the day swell.
Stay tuned for KodeArena 2006.