Friday, January 11, 2008

Another level to customer care is true to its motto: agile hosting by helpful humans.
I tried to make a payment online for a python web hosting today and had some generic errors on payment. I was getting red again, another hateful company who will not accept master cards from IPs originating from Nigeria. After complaining to customer care, a dude called David Sissitka got in touch and offered to set up my hosting and I can pay later, wow! When I did not respond on time he sent me another "hello" prompt.
Wonderful, I was registering the site for Bayo and now I'm a customer waiting to happen.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year Resolutions

  • Complete all uncompleted projects, mostly software.
  • Fix my eye glasses and stop punishing my eyes, see a doctor for checkup.
  • Not leave a project midway.
  • Better accountability, I somehow manage to spend, not loosely but undocumented.
  • Document and manage my gently growing assets, thank God!
  • Blog more.
  • Settle down more, go for several breaks, visit at least 5 interesting places.
  • Start a blog of "My success story". Something I will hopefully make into a book in the future if the good Lord spares my soul. Now that my account has left red and is gently rising. I will not like to be like the torrents of Naija millionaires without success stories.