Saturday, August 12, 2006

That Ancient Ilorin Township

The last time I was here was in April, before then, it was year 2001.
I graduated from the University here some 5 years ago, the campus has developed faster than the town.
There are very few changes in town, the black cops have started extorting drivers here too and its evident people are wary of fighting for their rights; it never yields much. There are more fast food joints, more bakeries and loaf outlets...not much has changed in this poor town. I heard the state government spent N37M sad notes to plant some ornamentals in readiness for the presidential visit, haba!

The campus can boast of more structures. Someone has also paid more attention to sports. There is a nice looking indoor games hall, one more basketball court and the facilities seem to be seeing some use.
I see some nice looking chicks too, i decided to go off in search of developers first and come back to better company :)

Walking around some blocks revealed students are still active at posting notices and articles, good. The ACES (Association of Civil Engineering Students) board still looks functional, I remember being editor for this board for a year. I was dubbed Electro-Civil engineer for deserting my department and writing for another. Well, I must have done a good job because no-one complained when I did get an award fot it.

QA point: Back to the present, I saw a "Do not litter" sign with the picture of a basket but no basket. I threw a piece in the picture and of course it fell to the ground. So much for dumb signs.

I think I chose the wrong day to look for developers, I'll just leave the browser pointing at NGDevelopers.Net and invoke secondary protocol i.e. using known or new contacts and maybe leave a note on the message board.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Always keep your head up

I became her critic when she took up appointment as foreign affaris minister. Hey, she is in it for the money too...they all say its administration that matters, but it does not make her a professional, imagine a former world bank VP.
Even though my tutored mind kows very well a foreign ministry has a lot to do with economic financial prowess, I still didn't feel a thrugh professional should just take up any appointmentm then I found out she was still head of the economic team, I'm sorry madam.
and she resigned when she was removed, savagely by that ...Its so un-Nigerian. she has pride and I love a professional. Its evident her professionalism has started bothering those goats and they knew she woild resign if they did that. Is it the transparency she advocates in goverment financial expenditure?
whateva, I hail Okonjo-Iwaela, don't don't resign in Nigeria, they cling to office, money and power becaue that is all they care for. I'm so happy anther is not one of em.
Monumental huh?

  1. Exit from Paris club of creditors

  2. Negotiation underway fro exit from London Club

  3. Publication of the monetary allocation to the different tiers of government

  4. Resignation from a government who refused to understand