Thursday, January 26, 2006

Black Men Don't Quit

This is supposed to be the governor of my state, Oyo state of Naija [throws up]. The product of illegality. Look at him, they now call him Kollington after a flashy (or unflashy) musician in Naija.
Today, his deputy is in the news:

The founder and proprietor of Timi Agbale Grammar School, Ede, Osun State, Chief Gabriel Ojo Falegan, has described as untrue, the claim on Monday by the new Oyo State Deputy Governor, Mr. Hazeem Gbolarumi, that he graduated from the school in 1974

He even claimed to have attended the Pacific University in the US, I hope these guys will come out and deby him too. FYI his name is Hazeem Gbolarumi, so I hope someone is checking it out now. Punch newspaper did and found nothing.
The worst part is; they never resign, no matter how bad they cling.
Men without honor!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A new york cabbie

And one more related item: Tonight I saw a new form of undercover cop car. As you may know, many precincts have taxis that are used as undercover vehicles, which is pretty smart as it is. But tonight, for the first time ever, I saw a church van with tinted windows blow its cover by flashing its police lights to get through a particularly bad traffic snarl. Most drivers were so surprised that they didn't take it seriously enough to pull over and make room until the van made the sirens blare. Who knew?

I came across her blog on yahoo insider and now she has +1 viewership. I guess nobody told her about AdSense; she gets between 4000-9000 hits and a wow from me. She has a theme thats New York, the night life background and she managed to capture the wild lights too, her blog is like traditional NY.
Interesting, she a grad of Univ. of New Mexico and she has refused to go back to office job after a lay-off.
Anyway, thanks on your insight on New York cops; In Naija here, policemen breaks all traffic rules to get nowhere fast; they never obey traffic lights, drive on the wrong side of the road. If you think I don't like nthe Nigerian Police, wake up, I detest them.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Objectionable Obj

There is a naija edict that may mean I'm risking 20years away for speaking again obj on the net, so I will make sure I don't break the law.
Obj is evidently one who does not believe the judiciary can measure anywhere close to the executive(obj). As much as I like the his rotweillers (EFCC), its evident they are choosy about their preys.
I love the ones they have gone after in the past, Alamiesegha of Bayelse, I would have mentioned IG Tafa if he had not escaped with a mere 4month term when I actually forecasted 4 life sentences b2b.
How can an unelectable Adedibu (Godfather of Ibadan polity?) say this on tv, "If the governor can earn N60mn on security, am I not entitled to a quarter of that?". I feel like throowing up, a man whose only trade is political terrorism. Of course, only the masses heard that proclamation, you can be sure obj missed that despite the number of times it was aired.
Back to the judiciary, its a ridiculed arm of government in democratic Nigeria. The naija police will only listen to Mr President, and they were doing exactly that when they provided security for the outlaws (according to the people and the judiciary) in power in Oyo state. aside such, there rulings are effected if they are in support of the government or it concerns the ordinary citizens whom the government knows not.
Is it unfortunate my dear cousin is a barrister at law? I think not, a time will come when people will not be able to attempt a third term bid on laws they make in the dusk of their second term in office when they remember the faith that befell some...Let me not break that 20 years law.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Nigerian failed banks

14 of 'em. I wish I could put the names of the failed ceos against it too. This is as at January 16 2005.
By the way, some of the existing ones are a merger of losers, beware!

African Express Bank,
Allstates Trust Bank (Bros Ebitimi Banego, I know this for sure)
Assurance Bank,
City Express Bank,
Eagle Bank,
Fortune International Bank,
Gulf Bank,
Hallmark Bank,
Lead Bank,
Liberty Bank,
Metropolitan Bank,
Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria (Uncle Olusola Saraki, so ti jeba?)
Trade Bank
Triumph Bank

Won't some guys get prosecuted?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sometimes for the greater good

sometimes for the greater good, sacrifices must be made - Pharaoh: Prince of Egypt

Last year's resolution was to take time out for some training and cover skill gaps, especially in web development.
This is the year of the green back for the company I figure. Last year's result was not very interesting or maybe not?. Some notions that money was not coming in was erased and self motivation among guys here is crazy as usual. Forget the manu variables of working in a third world country.

Why do you think guys have to wait to het out of Nigeria before they start building the fastest chips

There are many variables when you take the equations in Naija, more constants in Yankee, You feel why they have the answers all of the time?

FYI, I'm still at splashers.
We resolved to fill in the blanks that have seen Artemis having so many projects and very few coming to Splashers. 2 days ago, I remembered "Who moved my cheese" and migrated to DotNetNuke in a few hours. After 24 hours I had finished my third integration. This plus the few modules I have built makes me a DNN semi-guru.
A nice beginning.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Competition Vs Monopoly

While you enjoy a monopoly, never stop to think and plan ahead for competition, competition is brewing nigh.

Thats me trying to sound like the proverbial old men on yonder days. My motivation for this post are two case studies around me. The first is a gas station in Abeokuta and the second is a fast food joint. They both enjoyed near monopoly in business and location but could not handle it. Cab drivers complain about shortages in gas sales but still fthinks the gas station is better than the others not as big. The fats food joint has a very wacked service, is almost stagnant on innovations and you bet, the food is wacked. They even increased the price of my favorite fillet 3 times in a week.
Along comes the saving grace in competition, Mr Biggs for fthe fast food and monsterous NNPC for the gas station. Behold a change in fortune. The only customers they have now are the impatients.
Sorry, got to go, Dapo just got nominated as an MVP!

Dead body get accident

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide bomber struck a funeral for a Shiite politician's nephew Wednesday, killing at least 32 mourners, wounding dozens and splattering tombstones with blood — part of a surge of violence as Iraqi leaders try to form a coalition government

December 15 2005 was "democracy day in" Iraq? A bid for a coalition government is leaving fewer people alive to be governed.
Guys feel Naija needs extremists like these bombers to get our politicians thinking, maybe. The bloats think they can squander our wealth simple because we love life too much to challenge the guns fthey've earned with their positions.
But maybe we don't need them, maybe...The truly developed and democratic world don't have none of those do they?

Dead body get accident

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide bomber struck a funeral for a Shiite politician's nephew Wednesday, killing at least 32 mourners, wounding dozens and splattering tombstones with blood — part of a surge of violence as Iraqi leaders try to form a coalition government

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year Resolutions

1. Never late for work, meaning I adopt a new resumption time ahead of office by at least an hour.
2. Draw up a timetable. Detail time for office work, research etc. Allow exceptions only in extreme cases.
3. Do a lot of web development and research.
4. Adopt more open source technologies.
5. Spend some more time on user groups and social groups.
6. Blog a lot more.
7. More good God time.
8. Take no BULLS__T from nobody.

So help me God. Amen!