Monday, October 31, 2005


September 9th -11th saw me in Ghana. Whats wrong with Nigeria somebody?
The nation is rich but fast rottening (Naija). Ghana does not have too much of everything but what they have is cool.
The first few places I went included busy internet. The organization was impressive. They have a bar outside where I listened to African hiphop. They payed Idris' "Nigeria Jagajaga" 3 times back to back. No, it was not supposed to be a slap, they love Nigerian music. Hmm, and most of them want to go to Nigeria, na wao.
I noticed they had a lot of jokes about Nigeria, we don't have any about them and I felt a kind of superior edge.
I meet Victor and Francois my second night. Francois is an MVP and Vistor is just a cool guy. I felt at ease immediately and my respect for Ghanians swelled by the minutes. We had fun at Paloma and went to a French dance later.
The girls? they are not all exactly the very black, busty and not too snooth pictures we have drawn in our Naija minds. Benice was really cool. The average girl sure knows how to behave here.
The streets are lovely and they have reasonabe nightlife. I went to take a meal at Papaye around mid-night. And the sweet part, no power cut all through my stay.
Notice I edited the girl gist? Hahaha, evil laugh(R) TM.
I'll supply more details about my trips some other times.

Life Advisors

I've got many of those, my Dad, Uncles friends.

Yesterday I was with one of my advisors whose has been through a lot.
Advisor: "Do you take Okro soup?"
Keni: "Sometimes"
Advisor: "When I was very poor, a priest advised me against it".

Advisor was not supposed to eat okro if he hoped to be rich at all.

Advisor: "But when I go out to eat, I see people eating Okro soup with large pieces of meat, and I couldn't afford meat".

Advisor is a very rich man now, he takes a lot of Okro soup when he feels like.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

All time low

My morale is at an all time low this period. I signed up for splashers almost 2 years ago and it has never been this bad. A lot of our processes have been refined: QA, communication, architecture and knowledge level among devs have increased. However administration keeps declining.
Why can’t I have pay slip every month? Why can’t I have tax clearance after working for 21 months? Why don’t I have a common ID? Why when the gen messes up there is no quick response or alternative?
And worst I am suffering from going on vacation because my finances are messed up…yes, because my pay has been delayed till mid-month as it has been for a couple of months. The money I should fall back upon has been delayed because my colleague has not been paid. No leave allowance because it is normally included to make my pay look hefty…its sad man.
Imagine, I’m complaining! And I had always told myself I never complain until…I’m at that point! Grrrrrh! I have o talk to one of these guys s before I loose it.