Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Dying in the midst of plenty

This is like the proverbial saying "Dying in the midst of plenty".
Today in Nigeria, workers downtooled because the Civillizan government (We have since stoppped referring to it as a democratic government) raised the prices of petroleum products or yet the third time this year.

It may be surprising that someone like me, who is a developer have chosen this topic for my first posting, well this thing affects everyone in Nigeria. Its crazy for a government to inflict sufferings on its people for their own short comings.
After a fourth republic that started 5 years ago under the same ex Military General Obasanjo, one would have thought the "Man from the prisons" would among mother things put Nigeria's four refineries in shape.
Well here we are and every boby is obeying labor leader's stay at home orders. Anyway, the fuel hike affects everyone from a capenter to a developer.

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