Friday, May 27, 2005

Sane Developers

Stan and Ope ook turns at the air conditioning system today; sticking their heads into the vents. Hehe, guys are really wacked in this environments, even Demola is struggling to keep his cool.
I remember Sadiq coming out of the "Mad room" before we left for the new office, taking a few strides back and kicking at a metal door. There goes the last supposedly sane developer!
As for Seun, haba, forget o. Even his babe noticed he has changed a lot since joining splashers technologies. Essien, Dapo, Ope, kai my guy, he don tey, when all this ones do stray. I can't help but feel really endangered.
Along comes Tolumi to the rescue, his mum is chief something at Nuero-Sychiatric hospital popularly called "Aro" in the neighborhood.
Tolumi, abeg o, you are the last hope these guys have.

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