Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I love two girls

Impossible? Well I need some counseling.

I met Ibukun first then I started avoiding Lara because I know something crazy like this might happen.
I tried to be logical and see it this way; I'm just fond of the two, then I love Ibukun and I like Lara, then the other way. My "brother" mind then begged God for a way forward. Then Ibukun doesn't seem to care about me (so I felt) and I thought I had a way out. Then she was herself again. I thot to myself that I'll just let it play out and see how it goes. But man, I know I'm messed up.

Hear Stan, "If your grandpa hears this thing that's disturbing you, he'll just laugh and arrange yams and gifts to be taken to the two family. You'll end up marrying the two of them".

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