Thursday, April 01, 2010

Things have been happening

Yesterday, I felt a very strong urge to return to my blog after such a long time. I'm a very different man as I speak.

Amarachi Omoniinioluwa Adewusi is born! [18th March 2010]

In case you didn't get it, I now have a daughter, wow!

Yesterday, I watched as another woman of virtue was sworn in by a majority of the senate for a second tenure as minister (Dr Mrs Dora Akunyili). Despite the beef by some members of the senate (one of them said she cooks for Turai, kai) the majority had better judgement, returning a glimmer of hope in the senate.

Lastly yesterday saw the result of determination overtake overconfidence: Arsenal drew 2 - 2 away at Barca in the champions league. FYI, I ain't no gunner!

Life is getting better, I've been happy for such a long time, God help me.

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