Sunday, October 31, 2004


I met her today...hehe, today i'm feeling 12
Ok, it was when I was jejely updating my blog o. I have time to play around and why not, loosen up. Today I'm feeling lucky and decides to click on the "who moved my cheese" link on my blog. Its a book I enjoyed reading for a book i finished in a few minutes.
Hmm, a list of people who loves this same book came up and there is Jajajanice on top.

She has a way with words that I couldn't resist adding her to IM with a "pleaseeeeeeeee don't click ignore". Her interests: she likes reading, and boy! pirated dvds :) loves family, but she has a way with words.

Her blogs are called Janice Rocks and Inertia knocks at my door; url: http// I think she must have been keeping a diary from when she was 1. Janice expresses herself from a "free fall" mind thats kind of hyper-relaxed; I mean the state of mind many achieve only with dope. She probably doesn't read through her blog a second time.

And her picture, she shows only one side of a "Cleopatraic" face ... reading her blog is finally teaching me how to keep a diary, an art I've always avoided like a plague.

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