Monday, February 20, 2006

An "un-Unusual" Day at work

My spirit was high this morning, last week was not very good because I shuttled between systems. I was trying to see if I could fix the monitor of my probleme(R) Dell (TM) Inspiron. The Dells we bought then 2004 are all jinxed, the Dvd drives were replaced at about the same time, the power packs followed and then the batteries. Its a desktop now with a flat system unit.
Back to how my spirit dimmed today; it was the internet link first. After a bit of trouble-shooting, I recorded a few non-bilable period and got it up, just conflicts on the network.
The main frustration...our source-safe server is down or is it just not responding? It was not a quick fix like the network issue. I jumped from system to system, restarted the make shift source-safe server. Wait, the system is really overworked. It carries an AMD 1.1GHZ processor and just 256MB of RAM. This is a bit disgraceful sha because aside source-safe, it runs Active directory and exchange server. Alas it also carries sql server and now more horror, share point and biztalk servers.
I see why people do dope to cool off.
I'm mad and screaming inside. I have not billed an hour today. OK, here I am blogging to cool off, at least the internet link is up today or I could get suicidal.
Maybe I need to move on for real, huh?
A sad day. I don't want to be like Okonkwo in "Things fall apart". Okonkwo was a man who said "yea" but his chi said no.
I'm saying yea and the situations around me is trying to kill my self motivation.
see why guys can't exactly be very productive in Naija? See why the same Nigerians make great achievements out there but not as much back home? You see why equations are more difficult to solve when you have too many variables?
And its not even an unusual day.

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