Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recycled Political Wastes?

This is Ahmadu Ali, as at this writing he is the PDP national chairman. PDP is the ruling party in Nigeria.
The series of meeting they've been holding lately is to plan the third term democratic coup d'etat of incubent Obasajo. A third term? what does he need 12yrs for? These guys are going to tweak the constitution of Naija to support their desires. Anywa, the God that dealt with Abacha after using him (Abacha) to deal with some nothern mafiosos playing God is still on the throne. God, don't let this guys get away with their evils while they live o, in Jesus' name, Amen.
This is Ali's

Naija students of then will never forget the "Ali must go riots" of 1978. A very undemocratic entity of the then Obj military regime. He placed a ban on the Association of Nigerian students (NUNS) and it seems logical for him to be a part of a regime of the old wines again and their undemocratic exploits. Among their unorthodox weapons is political thugerry.
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