Monday, September 04, 2006

Database Haiku?

"To this level, i will never descend".

This is supposed to be some geek poetry.

Server is lifeless The customer is distraught Where is the backup?

Performance is slow All the disk drives are busy Where was the where clause?

As leaves fall from trees Drive enclosure falls to floor Time to visit Dice

Dynamic SQL Or SQL stored procedure Which one should I choose?

To be certified Or not to be certified That is the question

Documentation Would be nice to see, said I As snow falls outside

In darkness I lie The pager sounds so shrill I'll make the coffee

The server is built Everything is now installed What was the password?

No changes made I Says the developer to me Void is the table

Robin plucks some seed On the porch while eyeing me Wireless is so fine

See original

Now tell me what in geek heaven that is?

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