Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dreams are forever

Today, I slept on my feet, I fell asleep behind my computer. When I woke, it marked the end of a dream.
It's not the first time I'll have a dream like this: some things happened, not necessarily bad and then I was pulling stuff from my mouth that didn't seem to want to end. I think I was sucking or feeding on something that I considered not too healthy after some time. The pulling stuff from my mouth and throat is not the first time.
Crazily, I decided to google it and the 2 topmost results from Yahoo! answers and experience projects sounded like it's me they're talking about.
One mentioned I was probably overworked; overworked is an understatement for my situation currently, and my output is about 25% now, somewhat close to the output of Nigerian oil refineries I guess :).
The other interpretation suggested I had something in me I wasn't letting out, I think I speak my mind too much already though or do I? Maybe not to everyone. Another variant said maybe there was something God would have me say that I'm not saying. Maybe, not been too much of a good church person for some time now.
Anyway, both calls for checks and balances that truly apply to me, it seems dreams do make sense afterall.

1 comment:

Sienne said...

You cant be serious.

You cant take dreams as some "significant" ishe