Monday, December 12, 2005

Barely 42 Days

Another plane crashes in Naija (10th Dec 2005), 42 days after the ill fated bellview crashes (that was more like a bomb on board from what was "not left" of the plane). In between a little plane crashes in Kaduna killing about seven. How are we going to commute in this country?
God, and it took Pastor(ess?) Mrs Bimbo Odukoya, 52 school children (3 kids from same mother who is well past her menopause) among others. About 103 dead again. Save us Jah.
For the many whose faith suffered from Bimbo's death, you might want to see from my (proxying her) point of view, "God, I know how much you love children, why spare me then?". Not convinced? its left between you and God.
May God help the leaving lead a good life.

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