Monday, December 05, 2005


Nasty Tayo drove Dapo's new Acura Legend into a ditch, now Dapo's playing cool and putting me to torture. He won't mention the car, he won't even veer close to the topic. At least he is talking and I'm the one who is reserved. I'm using my last dose of anti-frustration and anti-worry.
I'm paying a lot to get th car fixed up and Tayo's folks ain't responding too well. I will get over it anyway, I always do. Never allow stuff like this to worry you, get on, keep on moving; I've syched myself up but is it working? :)
For real, the only thing thats making me feel bad is that Dapo probably went out of his way when he dropped the key as he was leaving for Abuja. I feel terrible.
Life goes on...never worry your butt about the inevitable.

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