Thursday, January 26, 2006

Black Men Don't Quit

This is supposed to be the governor of my state, Oyo state of Naija [throws up]. The product of illegality. Look at him, they now call him Kollington after a flashy (or unflashy) musician in Naija.
Today, his deputy is in the news:

The founder and proprietor of Timi Agbale Grammar School, Ede, Osun State, Chief Gabriel Ojo Falegan, has described as untrue, the claim on Monday by the new Oyo State Deputy Governor, Mr. Hazeem Gbolarumi, that he graduated from the school in 1974

He even claimed to have attended the Pacific University in the US, I hope these guys will come out and deby him too. FYI his name is Hazeem Gbolarumi, so I hope someone is checking it out now. Punch newspaper did and found nothing.
The worst part is; they never resign, no matter how bad they cling.
Men without honor!

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