Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sometimes for the greater good

sometimes for the greater good, sacrifices must be made - Pharaoh: Prince of Egypt

Last year's resolution was to take time out for some training and cover skill gaps, especially in web development.
This is the year of the green back for the company I figure. Last year's result was not very interesting or maybe not?. Some notions that money was not coming in was erased and self motivation among guys here is crazy as usual. Forget the manu variables of working in a third world country.

Why do you think guys have to wait to het out of Nigeria before they start building the fastest chips

There are many variables when you take the equations in Naija, more constants in Yankee, You feel why they have the answers all of the time?

FYI, I'm still at splashers.
We resolved to fill in the blanks that have seen Artemis having so many projects and very few coming to Splashers. 2 days ago, I remembered "Who moved my cheese" and migrated to DotNetNuke in a few hours. After 24 hours I had finished my third integration. This plus the few modules I have built makes me a DNN semi-guru.
A nice beginning.


Demola said...

You don't know how cheering it is to have one more DNN guru at Splashers. Great accomplishment!!!

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