Saturday, January 21, 2006

Objectionable Obj

There is a naija edict that may mean I'm risking 20years away for speaking again obj on the net, so I will make sure I don't break the law.
Obj is evidently one who does not believe the judiciary can measure anywhere close to the executive(obj). As much as I like the his rotweillers (EFCC), its evident they are choosy about their preys.
I love the ones they have gone after in the past, Alamiesegha of Bayelse, I would have mentioned IG Tafa if he had not escaped with a mere 4month term when I actually forecasted 4 life sentences b2b.
How can an unelectable Adedibu (Godfather of Ibadan polity?) say this on tv, "If the governor can earn N60mn on security, am I not entitled to a quarter of that?". I feel like throowing up, a man whose only trade is political terrorism. Of course, only the masses heard that proclamation, you can be sure obj missed that despite the number of times it was aired.
Back to the judiciary, its a ridiculed arm of government in democratic Nigeria. The naija police will only listen to Mr President, and they were doing exactly that when they provided security for the outlaws (according to the people and the judiciary) in power in Oyo state. aside such, there rulings are effected if they are in support of the government or it concerns the ordinary citizens whom the government knows not.
Is it unfortunate my dear cousin is a barrister at law? I think not, a time will come when people will not be able to attempt a third term bid on laws they make in the dusk of their second term in office when they remember the faith that befell some...Let me not break that 20 years law.

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