Thursday, January 05, 2006

Competition Vs Monopoly

While you enjoy a monopoly, never stop to think and plan ahead for competition, competition is brewing nigh.

Thats me trying to sound like the proverbial old men on yonder days. My motivation for this post are two case studies around me. The first is a gas station in Abeokuta and the second is a fast food joint. They both enjoyed near monopoly in business and location but could not handle it. Cab drivers complain about shortages in gas sales but still fthinks the gas station is better than the others not as big. The fats food joint has a very wacked service, is almost stagnant on innovations and you bet, the food is wacked. They even increased the price of my favorite fillet 3 times in a week.
Along comes the saving grace in competition, Mr Biggs for fthe fast food and monsterous NNPC for the gas station. Behold a change in fortune. The only customers they have now are the impatients.
Sorry, got to go, Dapo just got nominated as an MVP!

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